“Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth

                        -Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. Google “nostalgia”
  2. Scroll down and click on the Wikipedia entry on “Nostalgia”
  3. Click on “νόστος”
  4. Click on “Lotus-Eaters
  5. Click on “narcotic”
  6. Scroll down to the outline
  7. Click on “analgesics
  8. Click on “pain
  9. Click on “social support
  10. Scroll down to the outline
  11. Click on “Two Dominant Models
  12. Click on “stressful times
  13. Scroll down to contents
  14. Click on “coping mechanisms” and then scroll down to “Mental Inhibition/disavowal mechanisms”
  15. Click on “projection
  16. Scroll down to “Psychoanalytic Developments
  17. Click on “projective self-identification
  18. Scroll down to “Experience
  19. Click on “Self-fulfilling prophecy
  20. Scroll down to “Causal Loop
  21. Click on “Cassandra complex
  22. Scroll down to Laurie Layton Schapira
  23. Click on “Cassandra complex
  24. Scroll down to Laura Layton Schapira
  25. Click on “Cassandra complex


Repeat as necessary